More LinkedIn Spam

May 16th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

I’m getting more LinkedIn spam through direct messages. It’s dissappointing because it hasn’t been very common.

Here’s how this spammer started – it looks like they have a program to extract my title and other general information from my Profile, and marry it to a template message (the rest is as bad or worse):

There are two things that LinkedIn should do:

  1. Attack this type of spam at their server level, instead of making each recipient try and figure out what this message is (most won’t). I think this would be hard to do for LinkedIn right now because the quantity is not as high as Facebook, who really should have it down to an art.  Perhaps as the spam grows LinkedIn will enforce stuff at the server level to keep it down.
  2. Allow me to REMOVE this connection from the person’s Profile page.  Right now I have to go to Contacts, click on Remove Connections, and search for the person, and then remove them.  It’s really a pain, considering all I should have to do is simply click on a link that says “Remove Contact” right from their Profile page.

I hope the spam is just something we’ll see for a few weeks, but something tells me we’re going to se a lot more, with the growth and expansion in international areas.

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