Delete Your LinkedIn Account? Maybe…

February 24th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

John O’Connor runs a small outplacement firm (small compared to the multi-billion dollar competition) in North Carolina and has recently been blogging a lot about social stuff in a job search.

Here’s a post I just found which is actually pretty profound: Delete Your LinkedIn Account.

I kind of agree, almost.

I think you should have a LinkedIn Profile, and have it done well, and then you can kind of walk away from it, but if you are going to tinker, play around, goof off, etc. with LinkedIn, and show yourself as a goofball, it’s better to not be there in the first place (maybe).

Read John’s post, and the (as of right now) two comments, and then ask yourself: should I delete my LinkedIn account, or can I do it right?

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  2. By Julius Solaris on Feb 24, 2011 | Reply

    Good catch,

    I often feel trapped in Linkedin because of the assets I built there, a 25K members group, thousands of contacts, a huge reach.

    The question is what is it delivering? In the early days it did convert in business opportunities, personal branding opportunities and the like.

    Most pundits are now questioning the real value of it. After the post you wrote about the engagement levels I am even more concerned.

    When I look at posts on how to make your linkedin profile work for you, I get tips such as ‘sync your profile with twitter’ – seriously how can we see that as a tool to get me more business. It’s just more noise.

    Jason, tell us what it is next!


  3. By Zoe on Mar 8, 2011 | Reply

    @ Julius:
    Q: What is LinkedIn delivering?
    A: A huge set of people you can’t reach or would not want to have canvassing you on FaceBook

    LinkedIn isn’t delivering anything except a tool for YOU to Deliver Your Message. You are responsible for your content and the depth of your connections.

    There is no value if you are lazy.

  4. By Carol on Mar 24, 2011 | Reply

    What I want to know is first of all what Jason means is ‘being a goofball’ and what value it gives to finding work. No one has contacted me as a result of just being on LinkedIn and said here is a job; the one real opportunity I got I worked to land. And the current representation of me is feeling thin because no one says, ‘I saw your profile on LinkedIn and think you would be great for our opportunity’, it usually comes from some job board. Yet every company to which I apply and target myself, wants my LinkedIn profile info.

    I am beginning to think some recruiters are networking to broaden their array of candidates only and not to offer their services.


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