LinkedIn Introduction Request: Right and Wrong Way

December 21st, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

There are a thousand ways to do it right and a thousand ways to do it wrong.  I wanted to share some thoughts from one I got this morning.  This comes from Carol to one of my second degree contacts:


My question there is…. what next?  If I’m Dan, what do I do with this?  Let’s break this down:

>> I profoundly enjoyed and gobbled up every piece of information I could from your blog in the hopes of understanding it well enough to use it in my field.

I like this – it creates relevance and helps me know how you found me… or at least lets me know you know something about me.  Being a blog reader is a big complement to most bloggers (who sometimes wonder if anyone is reading their blog :p).

>> I came to you in a round about way from a comment you made on BNET to Steve Tobak…

Very nice – this shows me what you read and who else you read… so I can somehow gauge what level of professional you are (or, where you are at professionally).

>> and so I am asking Jason Alba, who I admire and respect as well to introduce me to you!

I am sincerely flattered to have you put that sentence in, but this is a second degree connection of mine and I doubt Dan really knows who I am.  I’m flattered but personally I’d recommend you keep this out until I have achieved fame :p

>> I am trying to be both a marketing person as well as a technology guru so I am wearing many hats right now.

I can appreciate this but I don’t know how this is relevant to the conversation … this is really where it starts to go downhill, imho.

>> Thanks for your knowledge and sharing it.

This is okay to keep, although I might have put it up higher when you are talking about reading his blog.

>> It would be even more of an honor to have you as part of my network, but for now I am asking for the introduction.

This is where it breaks down… so you are asking for an introduction from me, but what does that mean to Dan?  How is he supposed to respond to this?  It’s as if you are missing the last line… which would be something like:

I would like to [chat with you/email you/meet you for coffee/etc.]

and then:

Can we [talk/email]?  You can respond via email at ______ or call me at ______.

Now Dan can know what you want, and how to respond.

I’d recommend something very specific (like a call or email).  I don’t encourage you to ask to connect on LinkedIn at this stage of the relationship since that usually doesn’t go anywhere.  I’d rather see you start the relationship and then eventually ask to connect.


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  2. By Carol on Dec 21, 2010 | Reply


    Thanks for catching this and for the very direct approach I could have taken to ask for an email or a call. I think you are famous enough to quote in my message…and thanks for the kind words about the beginning. I did want to say how I came across his name because it meant I was not just trying to connect with an expert in the field without doing some ‘homework’!

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