LinkedIn Password, Scam Warning, Phishing, Gawker Messup

December 15th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Weird title, I know.  I didn’t know how to appropriately wrap this one up.

Yesterday, right before I had a very important webinar on LinkedIn, I found my LinkedIn account was inaccessible. I had to use Plan C, which is never fun.

I was prompted to do a “forgot password,” but I was very, very, very skeptical of that, wondering if someone, somehow, was going to get access to my account.

I’ve since learned that it is a legitimate thing, pushed from LinkedIn, to protect my account.

Here’s the email they sent me:


This is a great email – they didn’t include any links to click on so I could trust it was okay since they pointed me back to their website (sometimes a link looks good but it goes to or something like that, where people can steal your password, then online identity, and eventually your pet dog).

I did that this morning and all seems to be fine.

Here’s LinkedIn’s post that touches on this.

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