LinkedIn Spam Email – NOT from LinkedIn

October 1st, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

I got a note from John Reinke, one of my favorite thinkers, who warns against a new, very prevalant spam email that looks like it is from LinkedIn but it is not.

Here’s what it looks like in your inbox:


When you click on it, it looks totally legit (but it is not):


It actually looks really good, right?  And you want to click on a link, right?

There are two major red flags here… the most important is what you see when you mouse over the link you’ll see where you are going to go in the bottom of your browser, like this:


What the heck?  Don’t click on anything that takes you to a .info link… but bigger than that, why is a link going to somewhere other than

This is a major red flag and there is only one thing to do: DELETE and IGNORE.

Or if you use gmail, click “Report Spam.”

Here’s the second thing to look for… I don’t remember what real LinkedIn emails look like but there’s some yellow/red flags here:


The main thing is the “to:” field… who is this person in Brazil?

Why are they in the TO field, and not me?  Major red flag….

Contrast the BAD one above with the GOOD one below… I don’t expect you to memorize, or remember, the differences, but the TO is bad, bad, bad.

Here’s a real, good, legit one:


SO here’s the deal – like John says in his post:

“Default” Users, who don’t take any precautions, should NEVER click on any link in ANY email.

Please be careful, and spread the word. Unfortunately this hurts LinkedIn… :(

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