Is LinkedIn Broken… or is it just a TOOL?

August 30th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

I read this post a few days ago: My Problem with LinkedIn.

The author (Tom Nixon) presents the idea that it’s not really “the social network’s fault,” it’s really our fault because we are using it wrong.

Tom suggests there are various types of LinkedIn users, including (see Tom’s post for descriptions):

  • The Ding-Dong Ditchers
  • Those speaking in tongues
  • The Toe-Dippers
  • The Naysayers

I agree that these users (not really users) are kind of spoiling what LinkedIn could be… but isn’t that expected?

If you buy a TOOL, how do you use it?

A house-builder would use it for one reason, an unhandy homeowner might use it for another, a child for another and someone who makes crafts for another.

A tool is a tool … just because most of the world recognizes a hammer as a device for driving nails does that mean it’s the only way to use it?  It can also be used as:

  • a decoration in a garage/office,
  • a paperweight,
  • a camping tool (drive stakes, pound stuff),
  • a killing device,
  • ______?

Who’s to say the exact way that we should use a hammer?

Who’s to say a steak knife can’t be used to tight/loosen a screw, or unlock a door?

Who’s to say that we should use LinkedIn only to __________________________________?

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