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July 21st, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Recently I did a webcast recording for an awesome marketing company talking about LinkedIn Company Profiles.

The presentation was on how a company can/should market on LinkedIn, and many people gravitate towards what they think the most important thing is: setting up a “Company Profile.”

Right after I did the recording I found this post, The LinkedIn Company Profile: Is your company properly represented on LinkedIn? It is written by Viveka Von Rosen, who is a nice person, and does a lot of LinkedIn training.

She breaks down the Company Profile on LinkedIn, and presents some cons.  It’s an interesting read.

My position, though, is that most companies shouldn’t post their Company Profile on LinkedIn.

Before I go on, I need to reiterate that Company Profiles is a goldmine of information… but it’s more valuable to the person looking at the company than the company itself.

If a company wants to market on LinkedIn I WOULD NOT recommend they do it with a Company Profile. There are plenty of things a company could/should do on LinkedIn, but opening up an employee directory is, I think, not a good tactic.

The goldmine is for salespeople who want to sell in, vendors, competitors, recruiters, job seekers, etc.  It’s a great place to get awesome information to get into the company, not necessarily brand the company, sell more stuff, etc. Here are some snippets from her post, with my comments:

>> “…it might behoove you to see if you have a Company profile on LinkedIn that you didn’t even know about!” [YES, I totally agree... go see if your company has a Company Profile.]

>> “…LinkedIn does little to control unsanctioned creation or editing of a Company profile!” This is a major security and branding issue that needs to be fixed… for now, it’s a loophole.

>> “Do an audit of your company!  LinkedIn automatically lists the employees of your company when they put your company name into their personal profiles.” [how bad is this problem?  LinkedIn, the company, can't even control it - many people say they work at LinkedIn and show up with LI as their employer... oops!]

>> “[Company Profiles]…can be a powerful channel for client engagement.” [I don't see how this can be... a powerful channel for client engagement?  If there is any engagement it is likely with the wrong people.... of course prospects can find the right person, and maybe it happens, but I'd weigh that against others who you don't want networking into your company... :s]

My recommendation for companies to market on LinkedIn?  More on that later :)

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