LinkedIn Spam: Deleting a Contact (oops!)

June 28th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

LinkedIn has a great opportunity to clean up spam on its network… it would be a very simple enhancement that would help the community self-police.

On a LinkedIn Profile page, on the right, there are a bunch of links:


The closest they get to deleting a contact is to “report profile photo as…” but that is not exactly what I want to do… I just want to delete a contact.

My suggestion, obviously, is to put a link right there to delete the contact.  Even Facebook allows you to “remove” a “friend” from the friend profile page… but on LinkedIn I have to:

  1. Click on Contacts,
  2. Click on Remove Connections (from the top right of that page),
  3. search for the name (and hope I don’t choose the wrong person, if the name is a common name (in this case, this morning, it IS),
  4. …. OH WAIT!!

No, it’s not a connection I’m dealing with!  It’s someone who’s in the same LinkedIn Group!

Now I’m really hosed.

Okay, two issues here… first, make it easier to remove the connection from the profile page.

Second, if someone from a Group spams me (blatant, obvious spam), allow me to somehow report it, block messages from that person, etc.  I’m not talking about a Group Discussion, I’m talking about blocking the person (like Twitter has: block and report for spam).

I’m not an advocate of becoming more like Facebook or Twitter, but these are two options that I really think need to be implemented, to protect the integrity of LinkedIn as a system.

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  2. By Steve "Salesologist" Cadley on Jun 29, 2010 | Reply


    Outstanding. Couldn’t agree more with your suggestion. We need an easy way to get “de”connect with someone we have connected with. While I am an open networker, I choose that path because up to know, everyone has been very respectful in not spamming there first line connections. However that seems to be changing on LinkedIn, whereas on Twitter that was the nature of the beast from the beginning.

    But making it easy to remove a connection would be a welcome addition to Linkedin.

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