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April 6th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Preorder the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD here.

I regularly get emails from my network about other LinkedIn DVDs or LinkedIn training sessions.  I thought I’d lay out some of them so you can compare with my LinkedIn DVD.  While the title is LinkedIn for Job Seekers, it is appropriate for entrepreneurs, businesses, marketing departments, etc.  This is principle-based stuff, so much of the strategy/tactics in the DVD and training will transfer to various circumstances (ie. being a job seeker vs. promoting a business).

The key to success in LinkedIn, and any social environment, is that you have real relationships with real people, not just use the keyboard to promote and pitch.

LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD (second edition) – over 2 hours of webinar-like instruction where you see my screen as I navigate through LinkedIn’s features.  This is not me just standing on a stage… you see my screen, watch my mouse move and get my instruction and opinions on how to actually get value out of LinkedIn. The list price is currently $49.95.  Yeah, it really is underpriced! Special preorder pricing on the second edition here.

Increasing Sales with LinkedIn – a teleseminar ($79) and CD ($148 + the live teleseminar) of the teleseminar put on by Sales Pro Source. I don’t know them and haven’t heard of their trainer. More info.

LinkedIn Best Practices and DVD – DVD ($77) and booklet ($37) by David Noir – combo is $97.  Very nice packaging :)  More info.

2009 LinkedIn: Recruiting Companion – DVD by Jim Durbin, a big name in the social recruiting space. $89.  More info.

Integrated Alliances training options – mostly in-person consulting and presentations, as well as webinars. Not sure what they charge – I saw one conference at $299, and one webinar replay at $47ish. More info.

LinkedIn Training – various training mediums by Chip Lambert, who used to be with Integrated Alliances. Prices vary depending on what you want. More info.

Patrick O’Malley’s LinkedIn training – I have seen his website a number of times – seems like a very classy guy and a great presenter. I don’t know if he has any “products”… more info.

Scott Allen’s LinkedIn services – Scott is my exec editor for my LinkedIn book.  He’s a sharp guy.  He offers LinkedIn Profile Makeovers ($150), LinkedIn Strategy Coaching ($250/hour) and “30 Days to LinkedIn Success” for $700.  more info.

I have done a lot of this consulting and speaking – love it… there are others – if you offer LinkedIn services feel free to leave a comment.

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