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March 25th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Wednesday I finished recording the videos for the second edition of the LinkedIn DVD.  It’s now at the video editing shop. I hope to have my DVDs in hand when I go to to a conference at the end of April… and ship out all the pre-orders before I head out.

Here are the sections of the LinkedIn DVD:

Home Page
Profile: Above the Fold
Profile: Summary
Profile: Below the Fold
Profile: Applications
Profile: Add a Video
Advanced People Search
Communicating with Others (this is 2 videos that will be combined)
Answers: Asking Questions
Answers: Answering Questions
Manage Your Settings
Browse Connections
BONUS: Now, 10 Things to Do
BONUS: 20 Questions
BONUS: Export Contacts
BONUS: Cleaning the Export
BONUS: Importing to JibberJobber
  • Introduction – including some concepts and terminology to help you get more out of the DVD and your LinkedIn strategy.
  • Home Page – so easy to overlook but usually opportunity to get value. I show you how.
  • Profile: Above the Fold – First impression? Are you findable?  Is your Profile turning people off?  This section is quite valuable.
  • Profile: Summary – so many summaries are INSUFFICIENT or BORING.  I tell you how to fix that.
  • Profile: Below the Fold – More opportunity to brand yourself and increase the chance of being found, but so many people miss the opportunities.
  • Profile: Applications – More than the 2 I usually talk about – what Apps are important and why.
  • Profile: Add a Video - Step-by-step visual of how to get a video on your Profile (like you can see on my profile, or on Walter Akana’s Profile – you have to be logged in and click on the FULL PROFILE to see the video).
  • Companies – GOLD!  There’s GOLD in LinkedIn Companies.  Learn why.
  • Groups – Groups are powerful but misleading… learn what the value is, what to do, and what NOT to do.
  • Jobs - I wish there was more value here… nonetheless, LinkedIn Jobs still provides an opportunity you don’t get elsewhere.  Learn what’s important here.
  • Advanced People Search – If you aren’t using the advanced people search you aren’t using LinkedIn.  Don’t just get an account, look for key contacts!
  • Communicating with Others – once you find a key contact, how do you communicate with them?  Here are the mechanisms and my formula for what communications should include.
  • Recommendations – How to get them, how to give them.  What makes Recommendations valuable.
  • Answers: Asking Questions – DO THIS.  Regularly.  Learn how to do it the right way and not become NOISE to your network.
  • Answers: Answering Questions – Less commitment but still valuable.  You should be expert in something – prove it.
  • Manage Your Settings – There are a few settings and such in here that you should know about.
  • Browse Connections – Have you used this feature to strategically find more key contacts?  If not, you need to.
  • BONUS: Now, 10 Things to Do – now that you’ve watched the DVD here are 10 actionable things you can do TODAY.
  • BONUS: 20 Questions – 20 frequently asked questions, in a speed-answering session.  This was fun to do :)
  • BONUS: Export Contacts – You should export your contacts… read this if you don’t know why.
  • BONUS: Cleaning the Export – once you export your contacts you should clean up the file because, well, it’s a mess.  Here’s what you do to clean it up.
  • BONUS: Importing to JibberJobber – You are a job seeker – you should be on JibberJobber… here’s what you can do with the imported file.

Have you gotten yours yet? Get it here.

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  2. By Julie Walraven | Resume Services on Mar 25, 2010 | Reply

    Exciting, Jason! I am looking forward to the update. My clients love this! Right now it is in two of my packages but I think I will just include it in all of them from now on… it makes sense for them and me. I’m looking forward to getting mine!

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