How to Disconnect from Contacts in LinkedIn

February 18th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |
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I recently got the following email:

>> I accidentally INVITED some people to LINKEDIN that I did not want to invite. They accepted !!

I’m guessing you accidentally invited them because of importing from your email system.  What a rotten feature in LinkedIn, especially since they still have this notice when you invite an individual:


So on the one hand they say it is IMPORTANT, on the other hand they say “let us into your gmail addy book so we can invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to your network!”

>> Is there a way that I can UNinvite them – or remove them from my LINKED IN contact list

Yes, absolutely. At the top menu click on Contacts, then on the right you’ll see this link to Remove Connections:


>> without them knowing I removed them.

They don’t get a notice that you removed them… they would only know if they noticed it when they looked at the connections, or when they go to your Profile page and see you are not first degree contacts, etc.  Most likely people won’t notice… one issue with removing a connection, as far as I can remember, is that if you change your mind you cannot reconnect with them.  I’m not positive on that, but I seem to remember it that way.

>> Is there any way that I can block them from my profile?

I don’t think so. You can differentiate between your “public profile,” which people can see if they are not logged into LinkedIn, and and what people who are logged into LinkedIn… but you can’t blacklist people and not let them see your Profile.

>> It would not be polite if they knew I removed them.

I agree, but most people will never know they were removed.

>> I am trying to change jobs/ careers, so I do not want my clients to know.

Sensitive reason.

>> I am new to LINKED IN . but I asked an experienced user before sending this email.

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  2. By Richel Lupkin on Feb 23, 2010 | Reply

    THANKS. Right . I accidentally invited them due to importing from my email.

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