Think Like A Recruiter While on LinkedIn, Part II

December 21st, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

Last week I wrote Think Like a Recruiter While on LinkedIn and got a terrific suggestion from Don (second comment):

… if there are a few different possible email address structures for a company (i.e. Microsoft has so many employees, they have had to expand/change their email structure – firstname.lastname or firstnamelastinital or lastname.firstname…) ALWAYS send 1 email to each email address. This way you will know which email address is the correct one through a process of elimination…for the bad ones you will get a “UNDELIVERABLE” notification. Chances are it you do not get a notification, you have the right email address.

Thanks Don, that’s a great suggestion – my only addition to that is to try this one at a time (as you suggest) but wait to try another one until you have received an undeliverable message… you don’t want to send 3 of the same emails to someone and have them all get there… :)

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