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November 17th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I recently was asked how to request a LinkedIn Introduction. I love Introductions for a few reasons which I talk about in my LinkedIn book and the LinkedIn DVD (2 hours of training!).  Here I’ll share the mechanics of HOW to do it.

You would use the LinkedIn Introduction request when someone is a second or third degree connection, and your introduction request goes through your first degree contact to the person you want an Introduction to.

First, I go to the  Profile page of the person I want an Introduction to.  You’ll notice I have the “send a message” link – ignore that – I only have that because I have the upgrade account.  If I had the regular account I would not see that.  The red arrow points to the link I really want.


If more than one of my first degree contacts can do the Introduction, LinkedIn lets me choose which one I want to do it.  This is cool because I will have a stronger relationship with some of these contacts – and those are the ones I’d be inclined to choose.  In this case I’m going to choose Brad.


Now I figure out how much I want to share with Harry – the person I want to be introduced to.  Lately I’ve been doing this for B2B purposes (sales) and want to be accessible in multiple ways, even outside of LinkedIn, so I put my email address AND my phone number.


Here’s one of my least favorite parts, only because sometimes I’ve had to choose from this limited list of items in the drop down, and sometimes the real reason is not listed there. Alas, choose the one that fits best – you can explain yourself better in the actual message :)  (also, you’ll see below “Category” is the “Subject,” this is where you put what amounts to an email subject… have it be descriptive – not vague or spammy.


Finally, you get to write two messages, one to the person you want an introduction to (in this case, Harry, and you put the message where I have the number 1), and one to the person you are sending the introduction THROUGH (in this case, Brad, with the number 2).


That’s it – then hit the Send button and cross your fingers :)

Two points I want to make:

  1. Think about how to word your Introduction.  I wrote a post titled Killer LinkedIn Introduction Request where I show a terrific Introduction I saw and comment on it – read that post to see how you can construct your own LinkedIn Introduction.
  2. If your communication is time-sensitive, perhaps an Introduction is not the best option.  Imagine if Brad where out of town for a couple of weeks?  I’d probably miss my opportunity to communicate with Harry, based on something I don’t really control (Brad’s schedule).

Good luck with your LinkedIn Introductions!

Was this helpful?  There’s a ton more on the LinkedIn DVD :)

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