My LinkedIn Book: Not For Idiots or Dummies, but For Dogs

November 9th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I will never be accused of being a poet. But I just couldn’t resist trying my hand at poetry when I saw some picture from Darlene Craven, a career coach in the D.C. area (her note said: “Getting a ton of good information from Linked In and so is my dog!”):

There once was a dog named Pepper,
who thought my book smelled like supper (er, pepper?)
she Sniffed and she munched
she salivated as she lunched.

LinkedIn book eaten by dog :)

After a taking getting her fill
(she thought it was better than swill)
she felt like a sap,
and began her noon nap!

LinkedIn Book Eater

I’ll go back to my non-poetry-self! Here’s another picture of Pepper, in all of his doggy glory (howling with coyotes):


Thanks for sharing the pictures Darlene :)

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