LinkedIn Summary: Features vs. Benefits

October 27th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I was just browsing through a few first degree contacts on LinkedIn and found a guy who I had lunch with a couple of years ago.  I wondered what he was up to and something caught my eye: in his LinkedIn Summary he has a “list of skills.”

This is a list of his features.

Have you heard marketers say that they sell benefits, not features?

If that is the case, why do we sell features?

Think about this:

Feature: I speak Spanish fluently.

Benefit: Because I speak Spanish fluently I can help your organization grow it’s international operations in Spain, Mexico or Argentina.

The feature leaves the reader thinking “so what … what does this really mean?”  That is open to interpretation – someone might read the feature thinking “great, I wonder if he speaks ENGLISH fluently??” while someone else might think “so what, we are already well-staffed on our telemarketing campaign with Spanish speakers,” without even thinking about the strategic campaign to grow internationally.

The benefit, on the other hand, points the reader in the right direction.  It answers the SO WHAT question…

Go back to your LinkedIn Profile and see if you are selling features or benefits.

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