LinkedIn book in a bookstore??

August 27th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I got a message from a friend in New Jersey recently:

I was visiting my daughter in Vermont and saw your book at the local B&N.  Just for a smile I took one of my business cards and stuck it between a page where you used one of my quotes.  Thought whoever bought that copy might wonder how the heck that appeared.

Very clever on slipping your business card in there, I think that is hillarous!

But guess what – NEVER did I expect my book to be in a bookstore!  WOW! I asked my publisher about it and here is his response:

… if there is enough foot traffic at the store itself or in the region, either the store or regional book buyer will place an order with either of the two distributors we have our books in that do supply books to bookstores and libraries ;)

I like it!  So when YOU ask the bookstore, or a library, for LinkedIn for Job Seekers, they can decide to order it in.  Next time you are in one try it out :)

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