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July 8th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I think there is still a lot of head-scratching going on with LinkedIn – you know you should be there, you might even get more business from being on LinkedIn, but what in the world do you do once you get there?

That is why I wrote my first book, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? (now in the second edition).  If you are a book person, that’s where I’d start.  You can get the book for about $20, or the ebook for $11.95.

I also have a terrific DVD tutorial where I walk you through many LinkedIn features - you get a sense for what you should be doing, why you should be doing, and what you can ignore.  Check out LinkedIn for Job Seekers, which is currently $49.95.

LinkedIn also has some great resources (which weren’t available when I wrote my book), including their blog (with news and how to’s), their Twitter account, and their growing Help pages.

Oh yeah, this LinkedIn blog has a bunch of posts on how-to, when-to, why-to, etc.  Have you gone through past posts?

That’s where I’d start… feel free to leave a comment if you have other LinkedIn resources.

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