LinkedIn Polls – getting your question out

June 8th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

Last week I wrote about using LinkedIn Polls.  Super cool opportunity to communicate with your network… today I want to show you what the communication options are.  Here is what you see when you create a poll:

The option defaults to where the arrow is pointing… allowing you to pay for distribution.  I forgot I’m a premium subscriber (I think I am, anyway), so I chose the free option, just my 1st degree connections.  Also, in visibility, I think it’s a MUST DO to check that box, so others can see it.

Right after I posted the LinkedIn Poll I went to Twitter and put the URL up to my followers… which I’m sure is the reason I got a few votes in the first couple of minutes.

I wouldn’t rely just on letting my 1st Degree Connections see it on their network update area… if I want responses I would definitely share this out in various mediums…

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