Who is Jason Alba?

May 20th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

So I feel guilty for not having written here for a while… pretty much nothing in the last month :(  I have an excuse for that… I’ve been on the road (two conferences), my wife had a baby, and something else I’m not remembering right now.

But the thing that really kicked my butt is me playing Mr. Mom and Mr. Dad while my wife has been recovering from childbirth.  It’s been pretty hard… and to top it off I got a “sports injury” (which is code for “too-out-of-shape-to-have-been-playing-a-sport”) that left me incapacitated for a while… now I’m barely limping around (that is, I’m barely getting around with a pretty heavy limp).

So back to the topic of this post – here is a comment from Brian at CleverWebTech.com that cracked me up:

Funny thing happened to me the other day. I was online, looking at an article about some of the more popular CEO’s online. But they didn’t have the names of these CEO’s, just the pictures. I go and click on one of them and there I am staring at a picture of you. It even has your name on the bottom of it. But I don’t think it’s you. I’ve never even heard of Jibberjobber before and I associated you with “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???”, so I assumed it was another Jason Alba.

It took me doing a little bit of digging on this blog to figure out that you’re the same guy. I just had no idea because I spent all my time on this blog, not even realizing your whole other company existed.

I try and not cross-promote all my stuff in all of my blogs, but I guess a reintroduction to me is in order :)

I started JibberJobber three years ago, after my lame job search just wasn’t going anywhere.  I am 1,000% passionate about personal career management, since I had totally neglected my own career.  JibberJobber is a website that replaces the job search spreadsheet… we have tens of thousands of people who have signed up in the last three years.  I have blogged almost daily there for almost three years.

I wrote the book, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???, which was published in September of 2007 (second edition in January 2009).  I had no idea how this would affect my career and wish I would have done it earlier.  Since then I’ve spoken, consulted, etc. on LinkedIn for marketers, entrepreneurs, corporations, job seekers, etc.  There’s a lot of smart people who are making good money doing this, I just happen to be the guy who wrote one of the first two books on LinkedIn.  And this is my blog :)

After swearing I wouldn’t write another book again, I coauthored I’m on Facebook — Now What??? It was a brilliant move as it helped position me more in social marketing and social networking, and not just job search and LinkedIn.  This is the Facebook blog.  You can blame @Jesse for the lack of posts :p

I created LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the DVD.  This was a fun project… and I think it’s the best LinkedIn training you’ll find for an awesome price. You can learn more about it at the LinkedIn for Job Seekers site.

I speak, even though I didn’t set out to speak.  I also consult on a variety of things.

And I’m really thinking about adding some new stuff to my Jason Alba blog, which will talk about being an entrepreneur and a dad (never thought I’d be a daddy blogger).

So that’s me… there is a Jason Alba that I connected with on LinkedIn, and another Jason Alba who wrote an accounting book (definitely not me!).

And no, I’m not related to Jessica Alba.  Although I kind of wanted to name our last girl Jessica.  Just because :p

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  2. By Jesse Stay on May 20, 2009 | Reply

    You did co-author with a Jesse though. I’m pretty sure it’s because you wanted people to think Jessica Alba when they read the book (although we should have put my name first in the by-line if you wanted that) :-P

    And regarding lack of posts, people are always welcome to come over to StayNAlive.com and learn about Facebook. Why aren’t you posting more about Facebook here? :-P Seriously though, we should consider syndicating the “facebook” category and tag on StayNAlive.com over to FacebookAdvice.com – it’s much easier for me to post in one place.

  3. By Brian Schuster on May 30, 2009 | Reply

    I always appreciate it when people respond to messages, even ones on message boards. Thank you.


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