Don't Create Another LinkedIn Account!

July 18th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Having problems with your LinkedIn Account?  Wait, don’t create another one YET!  There are two reasons I suggest you don’t create an account.  First, and not the most important imho, is that it’s against policy:

Of course, putting an e-mail address in the name field is against policy also, but it’s sparsly enforced.  That’s another subject :p

The other reason, and I think the most compelling reason, to not create a duplicate account on LinkedIn is because you lose the power of the connections.

Think about it – let’s say you have 100 connections on LinkedIn.  You create a new account – are you going to reinvite those people?  You’ll start to get branded as a social networking nut, probably.  Trust me, start sending me multiple invitations and you’ll start to get more of your e-mails to me going to my mental spam bucket, quick!

Also, what if you have recommendations on the old account?  Are you going to ask those people for new recommendations?  You certainly don’t want to lose them.

Of course, if you think you want to have two active accounts, it’s a pain to maintain the profiles, and juggle who you connect with…

I’ve heard of a few reasons why people would want to set up multiple accounts but I always recommend against it… it’s just too much work!

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