What is LinkedIn going to do with $53M of new funding?

June 26th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Jennifer Leggio interviewed Allen Blue on her ZDNet blog, and got some good answers.

Of the more interesting points to me personally was the idea from Jeremiah Owyang that LinkedIn could, with some work, become a corporate standard for Intranets.

I may have no vision, but I don’t understand how in the world this would work.  My first real job was developing an Intranet with an amazing team at Simplot, and back then (pre-2000) our Intranet was amazingly functional.  And very customized to our company needs.  Is LinkedIn getting into the corporate intranet space?  I have a hard time seeing that play out.

Along those lines, Allen says that LinkedIn employees refer to LinkedIn as a “productivity tool.”  This makes a lot of sense.  I found it interesting that they are a productivity tool for assumedly (is that a word?) employed professionals… which is great because I certainly don’t want them taking any of their money and putting JibberJobber functionality into their system (inevitable, I’m guessing, but still :/).

And, along those lines, Allen says “Some of that investment may turn into a partnership or a purchase…”

I would LOVE to know what kind of technologies LinkedIn would be interested in partnering with or purchasing. I happen to know a bunch of JibberJobber users who would love a tighter integraton with LinkedIn :)

Take a few minutes and click over to Jennifer Leggio’s interview with Allen Blue.

What do YOU think LinkedIn should do with the $53M in funding?

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  2. By Anonymous on Jun 26, 2008 | Reply

    LinkedIn as an intranet? I could speculate on many things such as partial replacements of: SAP, PeopleSoft, Active Directory. However, I’d seriously doubt that any large enterprise would move off what they are using now.

    I also wonder if LinkedIn is thinking of integrating private walled gardens with some thing like Ning for corporate groups. That might be a good thing to give employees to share and collaborate. However, would a corporate big brother need to be watching?

    Looks like the valuation of Ning may be to high for an acquisition. So then the options would be partner with Microsoft with SharePoint. Otherwise implement some sort of Wiki integration.

    I’m seeing many MS ads on LinkedIn in the past few months. Hmm, could LinkedIn integration with SharePoint and ActiveDirectory be what they are planning for small and medium business that don’t already have an “intranet” solution?

  3. By Larry Steinberg on Jun 26, 2008 | Reply

    The first thing they need to do is build the robustness of the platform as it falls on its face for those with thousands of contacts, of which I am not one. Second, they need to beef up their non-existent customer support. Third, they need to pursue multiple strategies for how to monetize what they have because with the ever changing landscape, the one thing we know for certain is that whatever they plan, the reality down the line will far different and the more strategies they plan for today, the more likely they will still be here tomorrow.

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