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June 4th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I am still asked when JibberJobber will interface tighter with LinkedIn.  This is an important question for any website that wants to interface with LinkedIn… unfortunately, it doesn’t look good, for anyone.

In the early days, LinkedIn created “Apps,” and many a company hoped they would be allowed to create their own App.  That was an exciting idea, and the technology was there, but hardly any company was allowed to create an App. We all envied the heavies, like Amazon.

Then, LinkedIn announced they were going to open up their API, and take down the Apps.  This was really exciting. I heard they API was going to be fairly open, but more controlled than the Facebook Apps.  I thought this was our time.

It wasn’t.  Some companies created interfaces that were not approved by LinkedIn. Some where clearly a violation, others were just innocently doing their thing and making connections that seemed logical, with the technology LinkedIn created (or that was readily available online).

But that was not okay.  Not even a little bit okay.

Here’s an article from Recruiting Daily titled LinkedIn & HiringSolved: Why You Should Care (Even If You’re Not in Recruiting).

Here’s another article on ZDNet titled LinkedOut: CRM companies squawk over LinkedIn’s API policies

This is what an 8,000 pound guerrilla can do… unfortunately, we all lose.

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