LinkedIn Popularity Ranking – bleh

June 2nd, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

Another feature that will only mislead people, inflating egos or validating how uncool you really are. Here’s the Fast Company article: LINKEDIN WILL NOW RANK YOUR PROFILE BASED ON POPULARITY

There are a few obvious problems with this ranking.  Certain people are going to be more popular because of who they are (like, the Pres of the U.S.), other are going to be more popular because they have a cooler title (sales clerk vs. product manager – which do you think is searched for more?).

Then, there will be people who are more “popular” (or, rank higher) because their profile is done up more than a skeleton profile, or because they are very active on LinkedIn Groups… or maybe they had a one-hit-wonder article that got passed around LinkedIn, so a gazillion people saw their profile (but didn’t really care about them, they just looked out of curiosity).

So who’s to say why a profile gets viewed more?  Does this metric mean something important to you?  Or is it there just to make the ego people crazy with envy?



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