A great redesign in an email from LinkedIn

January 28th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I get down on LinkedIn regularly, but here’s something they did really well.  I’m not changing my position on skills and endorsements, I still think they are beyond ridiculous.  This post is about the email they send you when someone has endorsed you.

I don’t have an old screenshot of what this used to look like, but the redesign is much, much better.  In the old email it had a list of names, and a list of endorsements, but you didn’t know who endorsed you for what.  Now you get something that can be helpful in your networking (for example, to send them a thank you, or at least know what they think you are good at):


Again, endorsements are one of the dumbest things LinkedIn put in the system, but this email redesign is one of the best I’ve seen because it gives you the information you need to act on (or, follow-up).

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