LinkedIn Spammers: Spam you, then leave your network??

September 2nd, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

I got a couple of spam messages last week and went to remove the connections.  But when I went there, it didn’t show these people as 1st degree contacts.

Here’s the message I got, from two people who are both “Consultant ant Self Employed” and with stock images for their profile pics.

Title: Cool Webinar, Even Cooler Site


You should check out this Webinar (Friday August 23rd, at 11am Pacific time):

It’s all about this cool new site with free B2B data, including emails. You’ll like it.

You gotta check out this Webinar and see the site.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t remove the connections and flag them.. they already left. But I also coudldn’t flag the messages as spam… :( These are the only two options I had:


Darn.  I hope this tactic is not going to be more common.

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  2. By Jeff Young on Sep 2, 2013 | Reply


    Under the pull down (where it usually says Send (person) InMail is there a “Flag as inappropriate” option? I would use this to mark the profile as bad and hopefully LinkedIn will delete their account. Death to spammers!! (just kidding, but sometimes…)

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