New Job Title? Watch your Professional Headline Change…. :(

June 27th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

Late last night I snuck into my office to do a 3 minute job: add a new job title to my Profile.  I just proofed my third book, 51 Alternatives to a Real Job, and added that as a title. I was hoping people would see that in their updates today (they did, and I’ve already gotten emails!).

However, when I went back in this morning to see if I had put a link to I noticed my new Professional Headline:


I would call this a DESIGN FLAW.  My programmers would call it a BUG.

I think it is horrible that LinkedIn hijacks your Professional Headline with whatever recent job title you put up, for two reasons:

First, I advise people to customize their headline and NOT make it Title at Company.  Make it something more impactful and meaningful.

Second, LinkedIn doesn’t tell me they are going to change what I have had there and overwrite it with Title at Company.  The new Professional is misleading.

So now, on my list of things to do today, I will have to spend time to rethink this and put a new and good one up.


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  2. By Teddy Burriss (@TLBurriss) on Jul 4, 2013 | Reply

    I fully agree with you Jason, your Title must say WHO YOU ARE, boldly and concisely.

    LinkedIn used to let you decide if a new job title would overwrite the Headline. Likely they saw that most novice LinkedIn users did not realize the relationship of these two areas of their profiles.

    I love some of the imaginative and unusual LinkedIn Headlines I have seen lately. LinkedIn members who want their profiles to be bold, proud, powerful and just a tiny bit Pompous. It’s your online bill board – it better be.

    Headlines that say, “I am {Your Name} & This is WHAT I DO!!” get noticed and looked at more often.

    Thanks for sharing the message Jason.

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