LinkedIn Introductions Needs a Rework

February 14th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

Sorry for the whiny rants lately.

Recently someone asked me to forward an introduction to someone.  When I clicked on the link from my email, I went to a page that was hard to understand.  I can’t remember if I needed to click on stuff to see the next step or to scroll down or sideways, but when you are forwarding an introduction, the process is CLUNKY.

LinkedIn, please test this. It is a mess.

Worse than the UI (user interface), though, is this:

This error message says that I’ve reached the limit on Introductions.  The problem is that I thought that was how many Introductions I requested, not that a participate in.

If this is be design, Introductions has lost it’s power.

If this is a bug, please fix it :)  Even though I’m at my limit that shouldn’t limit my ability to facilitate Introduction requests from my Contacts, should it??

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  2. By Steve Tylock on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Oh – that’s just awful.

    The “Remover of Useful Things” has been active yet again…

    I wish they’d fire that guy;-)

    I’d imagine you also tell people that they don’t have to use LinkedIn’s introduction feature: “Call up Fred, ask him to invite both you and Mary to have coffee and meet each other.” Sounds like the personal introduction is even more useful these days. (Sorry introverts)


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