LinkedIn Answers Goes Away: Where’s The History (Why you shouldn’t use LinkedIn’s messaging system)

February 8th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

I hate messaging people through LinkedIn.  If I can hit reply from my EMAIL inbox and get their email address I do that.  Otherwise I begrudgingly go to the LinkedIn messaging system and respond there.  Many times I will copy the dialog into a log entry in JibberJobber (because I’m all about nurturing relationships).

Here’s a snippet from a conversation I had with a smart friend this morning. He says:

What is disconcerting for me is not knowing where all my Answers are. Have they simply gone up in smoke?

If LinkedIn can pull those archives back up it would be awesome.  I’m still surprised they took Answers away like they did (they had hidden it under the “More” menu option for years, showing me they didn’t understand how powerful Answers was).

But I’m not sure they will.

And that made me think about my LinkedIn inbox.  Hundreds… thousands of messages.

What if, one day, LinkedIn takes away their messaging system?

I can’t imagine they would do that, but I couldn’t fathom they would make the bone-headed move to take away Answers.

Here’s the moral of the story: everything you put in LinkedIn is subject to disappear.

Think twice about how and where you message people.

And think again about getting a congruent (almost backup) system like JibberJobber, as you network, and nurture relationships, and communicate, etc.

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