Getting requests for LinkedIn Recommendations – huh??

March 16th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Have you ever gotten a weird request to “recommend” someone on LinkedIn?  I have a fairly large network with people I don’t know (usually they have read my stuff, or heard me speak), and every once in a while I get an email with this:

So, what do you do?

My first inclination was to feel like this person was spamming me, OR that they were asking for something that they shouldn’t have (“no, I can’t recommend you – we never worked together, and I’m not going to make something up!”).

Then I realized that this happened because there are a few places on LinkedIn that make it easy for you to blanket-request your network to give you a Recommendation.

In other words, this person probably just hit a button that said “ask people for a Recommendation”…

Therefore, I figure, he doesn’t even know he asked me.  It might have been a mistake, or he might be uncomfortable knowing he asked me (since we don’t know one another)…

I figure it was an honest, easy-to-make mistake, and I do one thing:

I delete his message.

I don’t write back and lecture him, or ask him for more information… I simply delete it.

And, because they don’t know they even sent me the request, they don’t miss anything from me.  It goes away.

So, my advice is to just delete the request (if you don’t know the person) and just move on :)

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  2. By Brad Merrill on Mar 17, 2012 | Reply

    I think I have given a half dozen or so in almost two years. One of them was one of my students. If I recall she didn’t ask, but because we were connected, I knew her work (she had several classes from me) I just gave her one. Every one I have given, I have at the very least met that person in real life at least once. Most of them I knew from “real life” before I connected with them.

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