I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? – 3rd Edition Now Shipping

March 30th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

Guess what… it is finally out and now shipping!

If you want the third edition of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? you can order it from Amazon or from Happy About (the publisher).

There are benefits to ordering from either place.  If you order from Happy About, when a new edition comes out you’ll get a very nice email saying “as a thank you, we’ll send you the third edition as an ebook…”

Did you get that?

If you purchased the first or second edition from Happy About you should get an email on how to get the ebook, at no additional cost, soon.  If you’ve purchased from Amazon or somewhere else, I’m not sure how the publisher will handle that, but I’ll post about it soon.

Yippee!  Now to start thinking about the fourth edition :p


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