Can Facebook EAT LinkedIn's Business?

February 14th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

You may have heard debates about what is better, Facebook or LinkedIn or ____.

I don’t get too involved in those talks for various reasons.  Even though LinkedIn has 1/6th (more or less) the number of signups that Facebook has, it is still a strong, contender for what it does.

Can Facebook, though, do things to infringe on the value that LinkedIn provides?

Possibly, if they are good at figuring it out.  One thing they would need to do is allow us to somehow showcase our professional image on Facebook.  Check out this very LinkedIn-looking page on Facebook:


This is done with, of course, a Facebook App called “My LinkedIn Profile.”  You can get to it by clicking on this image:


Of course, this Facebook App wouldn’t work if there was no LinkedIn, since it seems to scrape the information from a LinkedIn Profile…

The line between Facebook and LinkedIn, and “personal” and”business,” just gets blurrier and blurrier!

Even if Facebook replaced the look of a LinkedIn Profile, there are still some killer functions that Facebook is relatively weak on… until they address those LinkedIn doesn’t have too much to worry about from Facebook.

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  2. By Sophie Lagacé on Feb 14, 2011 | Reply

    Heh. I still refuse to mix business with Facebook — at least, as much as I can. I did foolishly add or accept, early on invitation from people who I know from work but have a warmer relationship with. In retrospect, I think I should not have because it’s like showing my messy backyard to the entire neighbourhood. I have a special group tag for these, and they get a more limited view of my FB feed. Recently I was amazed to get a FB friend request from the actual company page; I’m very happy to link up on LinkedIn because it’s an appropriate avenue, but Facebook is my playground time. And so that app, slick as it looks, is definitely not for me either.

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