Chris Brogan Quits LinkedIn?

May 4th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

If you don’t know who Chris Brogan is, check out the blog here. He’s one of the major thought leaders people turn to for a number of things, mostly social marketing and online communication/relationships.

Somehow I missed his blog post titled Points of Contact, which he starts out with this line:

“I’m seriously considering deleting my LinkedIn account, but not for anything LinkedIn did. The truth is…

My first impression is this is a typical post for someone like Chris – people who are out on the bleeding edge. It’s overwhelming and some of the platforms they try out and evangelize early on either change, are too noisy, are too hard to manage/use, or whatever, and they say they are bailing.

I did this about a year ago on my blog, saying I have pretty much written everything I know to write and perhaps it was time to stop blogging. I think sometimes we say things like this just to see how people would react… perhaps the “aw, come on – you can’t stop/quit” will be enough to let us know we’re not saying stuff that falls on deaf ears.

Chris has some good points on his main message, which is being too connected and having too much overhead to handle because of all of those connection points, but I think saying he might leave LinkedIn is quite extreme. At a minimum he could have a decent LinkedIn Profile and state that he doesn’t communicate there – if you want to communicate with him then do it on his preferred platforms… but leaving LinkedIn completely? Extreme.

YOU need to decide what you are going to do on LinkedIn – from a little to a lot, there’s a whole spectrum of tasks you can work on – how much time and effort do you put there (and how do you balance that with other things, like email management, other communications, nurturing relationships (online AND offline), etc?

That’s for you to figure out. But don’t leave LinkedIn – just choose a minimal strategy.

And Chris? Here are some previous posts he’s written about the value of LinkedIn:

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So, where are you at now on LinkedIn, Chris Brogan?

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