LinkedIn Group Announcements: Harness The Power

April 5th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

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If you own a LinkedIn Group you have a quasi-opt-in newsletter available to you at no cost.

A LinkedIn Group own can go to the manage page and “send an announcement.”  This goes to all of the Group members except the ones who have opted out… I think most people don’t opt out.

Similar functionality from icontant or Constant Contact costs money each month…. there are differences, of course, between the two solutions, and one isn’t a replacement for the other, but LinkedIn Announcements is pretty powerful as a communication tool.

You can only send one message every 7 days (I think that’s the limit), but that’s enough… your Group members don’t want to hear from you every day, anyway.  If they do, start a blog.

Aside from sending out the Announcement via email, it can get posted as a Discussion, even a “featured discussion,” where Group members can leave comments.

Have you done this yet?  If you are behind a company, group or movement, I encourage you to start a LinkedIn Group and use this as a communication tool.

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