LinkedIn in a Job Search? Of Course. Update on the LinkedIn DVD.

March 17th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Yesterday I started recording video clips for the second edition of I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???  I recorded seven and will do at least seven more.  The first edition was about 2 hours long and barely fit onto one DVD.  This one will likely go over the limit and go on a “dual layer,” which means two DVDs stuck together.

I have preorders from dozens of people and hope to ship them out by the end of next month.  I still have a number of first edition DVDs here, too.

You can preorder (and see the bundle options) on this page.

I’m picking 5 LinkedIn profiles to critique – I asked my Twitter network for volunteers and got quite a few that I’ll sift through.

I’m also going over past emails for suggestions on what to include in this DVD – there are a lot of questions people have!

This is going to be an awesome DVD, of course, but I do have one weird concern: for some reason I’m more nervous recording this one than I was when I did the first one. Perhaps that’s because I know people will actually buy it and listen to it… while the feedback has been great it’s still quite nerve-racking!

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