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January 5th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

I was reading The Daily Machete’s blog post titled Networking Resoultions for 2010 and saw that my buddy included one resolution about LinkedIn:

I resolve to update my LinkedIn status once per day and, if I’m not on yet, I will sign up immediately.

There are five resolutions on that post – you should be able to come up with your own five.  I’ll share five of mine specifically for LinkedIn:

  1. Submit questions in LinkedIn Answers more frequently. At least once a month.
  2. Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers more frequently. I do this when I have down time, like in a hotel, at conferences, or when working on a brainless project… but I don’t do it enough. I won’t do it with lame, short, meaningless answers, though.
  3. Change my status at least every other week. I think Machete’s suggestion to do it daily is too much… I don’t want to hit my network that often (if they want to get more frequent updates they can follow me on Twitter).
  4. Review and update my LinkedIn Profile. I know there are areas that can be beefed up.  Disregard the 100% complete measurement and make your Profile compelling and strong for humans, not for LinkedIn’s algorithm.
  5. Figure out how to get more value out of Groups. I’m disappointed and excited about the power of Groups… this year I’m going to wrap my brain around it and really figure out how to harness the power.

What about you – what might your LinkedIn Resolutions be for this year?

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  2. By Fred Dempster on Jan 5, 2010 | Reply

    Good list, I’m doing some/most of these now as well, some thoughts follow.

    On #1 I spend a bit more time searching out and reading through Q&A where I need to learn something, not always posting the question or answer. Agree on #2 and being careful not to just shout out to shout out. On #5 I am there with you – I think the tabs on Groups could be modified to accomadate the junk that gets in Discussions. All should have a Jobs tab, even if they maintain a job board someplace else, then we all can push the jobs over from discussions.

    My add would be in reaching out to make new meaningful connections where there is value for both – this is easy to do and I’ve had some good results with it, will do more.

    Thanks – Good Luck!

  3. By Wayne Breitbarth on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Jason

    Here is my blog post which is a culmination of a series of Tweets I sent out on New Year’s Day that answer your question from my viewpoint. Thanks for asking.

    Happy 2010 to all of you. I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am.

    Though there were many challenges in 2009, I do know many of you will agree with me that one of the coolest accomplishments was that we recognized the “power” of LinkedIn. As we continue to learn new ways to use this awesome tool, it may seem more like a journey than getting to a specific destination, but we are all learning together. To that end, I would really appreciate your taking the time (about 5 minutes is all) to complete a survey I have prepared in order to gather information that will help all of us improve together in the coming year. You can access the survey by clicking or pasting into your browser:

    Another new tool that I am starting to figure out is this “Twitter thing,” and soon I hope to share with you my feelings/ideas about Twitter. However, in the meantime, I will give you a “sneak peek” of how it works as this week’s tips. This was a series of “tweets” (140 character limit, shown in the order that they were shared on Twitter) that I “tweeted out” to my followers on New Year’s Day. Happy New LinkedIn Year to all of you! Enjoy.

    Top 10 LinkedIn Resolutions for 2010

    1.1.10 – What a great time to rethink your approach on LinkedIn! Today I will share my Top 10 Resolutions to give you a hand with just that.

    Resolution #1 – I will have specific written strategies for using it. Nobody has the time to spend on ANOTHER set of emails, etc.

    Resolution #2 – I will complete my profile 100% as defined by LinkedIn. You will be 40 times more effective based on their research!

    Resolution #3 – I will concentrate on adding #1 connections that are “trusted” and build strong relationships with them.

    Resolution #4 – I will improve my profile so it tells my unique business story and has lots of appropriately used keywords.

    Resolution #5 – I will save 3 advanced searches that help me find new customers, employees, vendors and other key new relationships.

    Resolution #6 – I will post a status update three times per week with info, articles, events, and things that help my network!

    Resolution #7 – I will use the 3 best biz profile applications: SlideShare, files & Amazon Book. Credibility times three!

    Resolution #8 – I will be involved in 2 critical industry or customer groups with answers, discussions & weblinks. U R an Expert!

    Resolution #9 – I will perform a “keyword” search test on my profile and try to improve my ranking by appropriately adding keywords.

    Resolution #10 – I will attend training to improve skills. Beginners – Intermediate –

    Resolution #11 (I know I said 10; I forgot 1) – Write a strategic & specific recommendation for at least one connection each week.

    For more of the same each day, follow me on Twitter at:

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