How to Leverage LinkedIn to Find Employees

November 16th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

This is more for HR and hiring managers who are looking for talent on LinkedIn.  There are plenty of tactics to employ, I’m sure (share yours in the comments).

The question came from a buddy:

Question: I want to leverage linked in to find a replacement for [an awesome systems guy] (he as taken a job elsewhere.)  I don’t really want to leverage the “job posting” function, as I don’t want to be overwhelmed with applicants, and I prefer to find someone that my network recommends to me.  What to you suggest as my best way to leverage linked in to get the word out?

Can you say HIDDEN JOB MARKET?  I bet this thought process happens all the time.  It pays to be connected, networked and known!

My response was this:

I would ask the question just as you posed it (take out [the name] and put something like senior systems architect) in LinkedIn Answers… that can be emailed to up to 200 of your first degree contacts.

There is a checkbox that says “is this a job posting” – leave that UNCHECKED as you are asking your network how to leverage LI, not posting a job.  Otherwise LI might want to charge you to post a job.

People are using LinkedIn as a powerful tool all the the time – some lucky guy or gal might just get an offer out of this!

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