November 12th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

It’s about time.

A couple of days ago I saw an article on CNN titled Twitter and LinkedIn hook up.  Not much meat there, but some really funny stuff (like the title of the video: “Twitter CEO: We are not a fad” – seriously, that had to be quoted?  No, Twitter is not a fad.).

Anyway, I tested it yesterday but it didn’t work for me (when I did the “allow” thing, to allow LinkedIn to tap into Twitter, it looked like it worked but it didn’t).  I tried again today and it worked great!

In a nutshell, this allows my tweets to become my LinkedIn status (like I’ve been doing in Facebook forever)… but ONLY if I put the hashtag: #in.  In think this is brilliant.. once concern I had was I didn’t want to update my LinkedIn status as frequently as I tweeted, so thank you to whoever designed that and allowed me to control which tweets became the LI status (because “I’m eating a burrito is tweetable, but not really a good LinkedIn status :p).  Here’s the permission page for that, and how I left my permissions:


I put a Status Update on LinkedIn and checked Twitter about five seconds later… and it was there – success!  Here’s what I saw (I posted this on LinkedIn, and the image below is from my Twitter page):


Once I’m done with this blog post I’ll go to Twitter and tweet it, including the #in hashtag, and it should become my LinkedIn status….

Thanks LinkedIn, for finally implementing this :)

Oh yeah, if you want to implement this simply login to LinkedIn and on the home page, where you set your status, you’ll see a Twitter checkbox (see below) – check it and it will walk you through the very quick process.


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  2. By Joe DeCarlo on Nov 12, 2009 | Reply

    Jason — I also successfully linked these accounts yesterday, and your directions (and illustrations) on your blog are excellent.

  3. By Charlie PA Tpk on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    I have to wonder about the direction LinkedIn is heading with these enhancements.

    I am very protective about my online identity, so much so I use a pseudonym (as in this post) when I make my observations on policies, products and services.

    When LinkedIn added photos, my initial thought was ‘Gee, just like MySpace and Facebook’. Now I see Twitter hooks.

    When does a serious, employment-related social networking service end and another time-suck service (ala Facebook, Twitter) begin? I am not suggesting that LinkedIn has reached that point yet, but every time there’s a new hook like this, it moves closer.

    This much I know: the day one of my LI contacts ‘pokes’ me will be my last on LI.

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