Linkedin Polls – an experiment

June 5th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I have done one LinkedIn Poll before last week but decided to do another one… in the process I figured there was plenty to blog about (especially since the first step was very frustrating).

FIrst, the question.  You only get 75 characters, which is really pathetic.  Here’s what I wanted to write… the third is what I ended up writing because of the space limitation:

It’s really frustrating since I feel I can’t really convey my real message… there is a huge difference between the first question, with only 282 characters, and the last one, with only 73 characters.  Alas, that is what I was stuck with.

Luckily I could customize the responses … while they are also limited, I was glad to add some bit of clarity there.  I wish I could have allowed respondants to choose mutliple answers, instead of only one answer.  Here are the options I put (you can see the first two could easily be combined with any of the last three):

Have you used LinkedIn Polls yet?  I think this could be a terrific complement to a LinkedIn Answers strategy… if you can get through the frustrations.  More on how to get the LinkedIn Poll distributed next week.

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