LinkedIn Profile and Image on Yahoo Search Results

May 25th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

Finally, finally!  I just did a search on Yahoo to see if my LinkedIn Profile would show up, if the picture would show up, and what else showed up.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see this:

It’s interesting that my LinkedIn Profile is the SECOND main hit on Yahoo…. it’s the third on Google.  Here are the points:

  1. The picture shows up – finally!  Cool, I really, really like this!
  2. My name – notice I don’t have my email addy, or the number of connects, etc.  Just the name, folks!
  3. I think this was the status, which I’ve since updated :p
  4. This is the first part of my Summary, which will change.
  5. My location, obviously.
  6. This is the top current position (I currently have 3 “current positions”)
  7. Notice this is my Vanity URL… do you have a vanity URL?

Google’s results are different – more on that later :)

Cool, huh?

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  2. By Lisa Hendrickson on May 30, 2009 | Reply

    My Linkedin comes up first and my facebook comes up 2nd…I love that picture feature!

    When I started on Linkedin and would google myself, I wasn’t even on page one. I have been #1 for many months now.

    Another reason to have a strong and built profile. It does rank you tops. I am above all the zillions Lisa Hendrickson’s out there.

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