Add a Company to LinkedIn

April 17th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I have heard for a few months that you can add your own company to LinkedIn’s Company section, which is an amazing (relatively) new addition.  I could never find the link to add a company, though… until recently.

I’m pretty sure I found the link to add a new company in the Network Updates section (on the home page), after one of my contacts had add his company.  I immediately checked the link to add a company and am pretty sure this will work for you – not sure where they are going to put the “add a company” link next, but this page might always work: Add a company on LinkedIn.

Here’s what you see:

I highlighted the part about “current employees…” they way they check that, I’m pretty sure, is by sending an email verification to your company email (not gmail, yahoo, etc.).

I am not going to do this because I have a very small company and don’t want anyone to find out who my incredible employees are (and take them away from me :p).  If you aren’t worried about that, then go add yoru company on LinkedIn :)

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