Introducing the LinkedIn PONY (Professional Open Networker Ylem)

January 6th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I got an invitation to connect with Skip Wilson, founder of the LinkedIn PONY group/movement.  I had never heard of LinkedIn PONYs before, so I asked Skip.  Here’s the description from the PONY LinkedIn Group page:

We are aiming to rename our open network from a LION to a PONY. We believe that the Lion is a dangerous animal with negative connotations. The Pony is majestic, it is regal and it is uplifting. This is what we want and we encourage you all to become a PONY. This group is about peace, harmony and a spirit of cooperation. We want to be identified with positive images and uplifting thoughts. We look to elevate all of us to the same noble stature of the Pony. A loveable creature with great usefulness. A friend to man, not a predator.

Is this the LION’s competitor?  I still don’t quite get it… there are only 16 PONYs in the LinkedIn Group right now, it will be cool to see if this grows.  Maybe LION-haters will become PONYs just to make a statement :p

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  2. By S.J Allred on Jan 7, 2009 | Reply

    WOW !!
    How PC !! Personally, I see a Pony as a docile, weak animal. Usually found with their head down. Grazing. No sense of urgency. Funny though. A lion eats other animals. A Pony destroys plants and grass. Why dont plants and grass get the same respect as gazelle? I dont get it. I will stick to the proud, motivated, head up, nose to the wind, always seeking opportunity Lion thanks.

  3. By Richard Walker on Jan 13, 2009 | Reply

    Sorry – you fail at LinkedIn. And Skip fails too.

    Skip Wilson:

    “So that’s what I do, I don’t give people a fish, I teach them to garden (I’m a member of PETA so I don’t agree with eating animals and fishing is a bad industry). If you didn’t know that was a play on Confusious.

    In 92 I was hostage of LOVE! Yes love, I met the love of my life (now deceased so you ladies have a chance). She introduced me to a new line of spiritualism that I never before thought possible. We travel from Ashram to Ashram across the U.S. studying there I was told that “God is everywhere, God is in you”.

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