LinkedIn and Twitter

December 29th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

No, this isn’t the much-anticipated post announcing a link between LinkedIn and Twitter (like there is on Facebook), but I do want to talk briefly about Twitter.  I’m assuming that you (readers of this blog) are interested in social networking, marketing, etc. for business, personal or job search reasons.

Actually, I won’t do much talking at all… I do want to point you to an excellent, awesome article on Twitter written by a JibberJobber partner, Deb Dib.  Deb Dib is a well-respected executive coach, helping high-level execs who are in career transition (yes, they are all over the place, and Deb gets to peak inside their brains, see what makes them tick, and even help them adjust to be better – what a very cool opportunity!), and pontificating about various tools, tactics and techniques in executive job search and career management.

Anyway, her article about Twitter is a must read… so I’ll stop writing and point you to her article.  Subtitles include:

  • Twitter and Your Career
  • Let’s Talk Twitter
  • To Tweet, or not to Tweet?
  • Yes, You Have Time!
  • Are You Ready?
  • So You’re on Twitter, Now What?
  • Explore the Twitterverse

If you want more, check out this Twitter book written by a journalist who has embraced Twitter.

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