The Power of your LinkedIn Status

December 20th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

There is a really, really interesting story from Gayle Howard, a resume writer in Australia, about a client of hers who had very different results with his LinkedIn status.

Here’s the story – you gotta read it, although I’ll paraphrase what happened.

Her client put the status on LinkedIn to something like “I’m a consultant.”  He started to get some congratulatory emails since he had just transitioned out of his last role as a CIO.

This was frustrating because the message he was sending was “I’ve landed!” and his network stopped thinking about him as someone who they could help land.


So, they changed the status (click here to see what they changed it to) and within hours he got another email from a colleague who was interested in talking with him about a job opportunity.

It’s probably too early to know if he landed or not, but this is a terrific example of how powerful just a few words can be on your LinkedIn Profile.

Are YOU sending the right message to your contacts?

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  2. By August Cohen, CARW on Dec 21, 2008 | Reply

    The changes Gayle made to her clients profile were based on the suggestions I gave her using a profile I tailored for one of my job seekers and sent her. You can go to my profile to see several examples of clients I’ve helped. Of course I didn’t revise all my connections profiles, but it will be pretty obvious who is really using their profile as a marketing tool, and who isn’t.

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