Are You Missing An Opportunity With Your LinkedIn Tag Line?

October 28th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

I was.  Until I read some suggestions by Jennifer McClure, who wrote to me the following as she was giving me input on the second edition of my LinkedIn book:

“Tagline under your name – an opportunity to put a branding statement vs. repeating your job title.  It’s the thing that follows your profile when you show up in search results and can be a differentiator. I use Deb Dib’s profile/tagline as an example in my presentations.”

Wow… and duh.  I had totally missed the boat on this one… My tagline on my LinkedIn Profile was “repeating my job title.”  But today I changed it.

To edit it, click on Profile on the left side of your page, and you’ll see this:

I changed it from my title to something more snazzy… this is a snapshot I got by browsing someone else’s network contacts:

Doh!  I missed an opportunity to put my website URL… so here’s what I changed it to:

Here is Deb Dib’s tagline:

Pretty cool – it only takes a few minutes… thanks Jennifer McClure, for the LinkedIn tip!

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  2. By mike ashworth on Oct 29, 2008 | Reply

    what a great tip. Thankyou.

    I changed mine today to:

    Mike Ashworth: helping small to medium sized businesses find, attract and keep customers.

    Mike Ashworth
    Marketing Coach and Consultant
    Brighton and Hove, Sussex, UK

  3. By Jennifer McClure on Oct 29, 2008 | Reply

    I like the new tag line on your profile! :)

    Thanks to your post, I actually updated MY tag line on my profile too. (I was formerly in the “I like to give advice to others that I don’t actually follow myself” category.) Unfortunately, I tend to wait to do some things until I think they are perfect. So while my tag line before was not my job title, it wasn’t exciting either (Executive Recruiter/Executive Coach/Power Networker). I’ve now changed it to Executive Search Consultant/Executive Coach connecting leaders to talent & opportunities to grow their businesses. A work in progress to be sure, but a step in the right direction.

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in the review process for the 2nd edition!

  4. By Jan Vermeiren on Oct 30, 2008 | Reply

    Putting the keywords you want to be found in the search engines is another strategy.

    Although the results are not what I hoped for :-) (only page 5 in Google)

    But this might improve if the PageRank of LinkedIn increases (must be possible if Xing has PageRank 8).

    Have a great networking day !


    Founder of Networking Coach (

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