LinkedIn Book May Become A Best Seller

March 20th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

I’m not sure what the real definition of “best seller” is, but maybe we are on our way? I got an e-mail from Mitchell Levy, my publisher, a few weeks ago, saying we hit a new record. Check this out:

LinkedIn book almost cracks top 2,000 books on Amazon

That’s pretty cool! What that means is that during that short period of time (two hours?), my book was almost in the top 2,000 of all books sold on And, much to my delight, it was the #3 book in the Job Hunting category. The other two books were by the same author, you may have heard of Dick Bowles, the Parachute guy?

I’m flattered. And, I thank YOU.

Oh yeah, I should mention, it wasn’t long before it went back above 10,000 :)

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  2. By Deb Dib on Mar 21, 2008 | Reply

    Jason, congratulations!

    It’s a best seller (or almost) because it is a great book — exactly the information a LinkedIn user or ‘wanna be” needs to know– in a concise format. No filler, just what is needed, when it is needed. And because you are who you are (a connected, generous, smart colleague and friend to many) those in your sphere of influence were happy to get behind it and help you promote it. It’s a win/win for all. I hope you are basking in the glow of success — you deserve it.

    Deb Dib

  3. By Zale Tabakman on Apr 23, 2008 | Reply


    Well deserved!!

    Here are is a flash course I have developed that shows how to use LinkedIn to generate revenues.

    It assumes you already know how to create a profile – but want to acccess your network.

    I have had several LinkedIn people review it, but I am looking for a few important bloggers as well. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Zale <- A connection to me can add 1,600,000 people to your network

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