Contact Settings – Do They Work?

January 11th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

I got an e-mail from resume writer Sally McIntosh asking how to indicate that you are interested in job opportunities. It’s actually at the very bottom of your profile, and very easy to update (you get here by clicking on My Profile, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see this, just click on the edit link/icon):

optimize your LinkedIn profile

Here’s the deal — this is not an opt-in or opt-out declaration.

You can’t assume that if you don’t have “job inquiries” or “career opportunities” on this list of what you are interested in, that recruiters won’t contact you.

And you can’t assume that just because you do have “job inquiries” or “career opportunities” showing that recruiters will contact you.

I remember reading a thread last year where a recruiter shared that he doesn’t really care what interests you list… why? Recruiters don’t necessarily call and say:

Do you want this job?

They might also say:

Do you know someone that I should talk to about this really cool opening?

Even though some recruiters consider LinkedIn to be their passive candidate database, they also know that they have to network into the right person.

So, what should you put here?

I only have one thought… if you are currently employed, you may want to take those two options off, lest your boss comes across your profile.

Otherwise, I’d say leave them there.  I’m not interested in job opportunities, but it doesn’t hurt to leave them.

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