Book Status

September 8th, 2007 | by Jason Alba |

This week the people that have pre-ordered the eBook had a nice surprise – they got it in their e-mail!  That’s right – the layout process is done.  I spent Friday and Saturday last week going through the final version to look for errors.  I wasn’t supposed to find any since we had a lot of feedback, and had lots of eyeballs check it out.  But I found about 70 little errors (mostly grammar stuff).  On Tuesday night the final layout was done, and the book was sent to the printer.

I will have a couple hundred books shipped to my house so I can be ready for a few conferences in September and October, and I got my first bulk order from a local university to use in their executive development MBA class (absolutely cool!).  The person that made the bulk order found me on … get this … LinkedIn!  He did a search for CEOs in Salt Lake City, we had lunch, and the rest is history!

I’m told the book will ship on or around September 24th, and it should be on Amazon around then also.  Thanks for all of the endorsements and blog reviews… more on that later!

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