LinkedIn Book – Third Edition!

October 28th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

So I finally started working on the third edition of my LinkedIn book: I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? It should be printed sometime in Q1 of 2011. My publisher has been asking for this for a while but I’ve just been too busy with other stuff (the LinkedIn DVD, some BIG JibberJobber stuff, speaking, etc.).

But I need to update it for two reasons:

  1. There have been a lot of enhancements with LinkedIn. It’s a moving target, of course, and I feel like there are great things on the horizon with LinkedIn, but I can’t wait any longer to get it updated.
  2. I need to get this off my plate :p I have other big stuff I’m working on and a lot of speaking travelling I’ll do in the next few months… and I want to be able to CHECK THIS OFF THE LIST!  It’s bugging me to have it hang over my head!

How different is this going to be?  I’ve been told to just do a few updates and just get it done… but I can’t.  There are a lot of changes.  So far most of my pages look like this…. the red is the “track changes” from the last edition (don’t worry about the verbiage, this is unedited first draft thoughts):

LinkedIn book

Pretty much every page so far has much more red than black… lots of changes!

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