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March 27th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

That is, killer as in awesome, not as in kills any opportunities.  Check out this intro I got that I edited for privacy… I think this is THE BEST LinkedIn Introduction I’ve ever seen:

(To name)

I briefly saw (some work that he produced) when I met Jason in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I think it was (a compilation of) stories from your experiences, etc.

I am very interested in finding out more details on what it was, what your plans are for distributing them, selling them ? How I can get a copy….I am interested in doing something similar and would greatly appreciate your advice on how to proceed.

Some background FYI – I have been a (certain type of) volunteer since 1991 [this is relevant because they both have this in common]. Honored to have worked with 50+ (people), and have benefited greatly from the experiences / life lessons I’ve learned from them. I would like to write them out in more detail and share so others may also benefit from the priceless wisdom.

For example, (he shares a personal experience from the volunteer work that will help him relate to the person he’s sending the intro to)

Looking forward to connecting / hearing from you.

Thank you and I wish you all the best

(email addy)
(phone number)

Why do I love this?

  • It is absolutely, totally, 110% connecting at a personal level.
  • He talks about me (they both recently met me, and have that in common).
  • He talks about similar interests/passions.
  • He asks for specific input and advice and help.
  • He shares stories (“for example, …”).
  • He ends it with is contact information (if the recipient wants to connect outside of LinkedIn, he makes it easy for him to do that).

Kudos for the best introduction I’ve ever seen.  Now, don’t think you can copy this word for word, but you can certainly borrow some good ideas from this.

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  2. By John Felkins on Apr 21, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks a ton, I just read this and then took the idea and used it to introduce myself to someone that is well respected in my industry. This was very helpful

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