LinkedIn Group Announcements (one little beef)

March 24th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I introduced the LinkedIn Group Announcements yesterday, today I have to share my little beef.  I wrote my announcement with line breaks (or, spaces between paragraphs), and this is how I saw it in my gmail (not with the red lines, of course):

It was one big glob :(  My question (for discussion) had three “bullet points,” which you can see where I put the red lines by the hyphens.

I hope they see this and fix it soon – it would be a lot more useful to me to have the email that goes out in the announcement not look like it’s all one paragraph!

Other than that, LinkedIn Groups gets two thumbs up from me (for now).

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  2. By Sean Nelson on Mar 25, 2009 | Reply

    What a timely post. Last night I decided to send my first group announcement. In the headlines I added “if 140 characters is good enough for Twitter, it’s good enough here…each news article will be 140 characters or less”

    I then wrote four short announcements/news blurbs, each 140 characters or less. On the discussion board it looks fine.

    Then I received the email version and it was 560 characters of text and it looked like one blurb, under a promise of “no more than 140 characters”.

    Did LI not test their application or is this their way of trying to limit the size of announcements? They are known for being “Limit Lovers”.

    Well, if I get any comments about exceeding the 140 characters, at least I’ll know people are paying attention.

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